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I created this website in 2008, not long after the release of I Want to Believe because I wanted to create a site with instant access to images from every episode - and movies - of the series. Unfortunately, with that takes time and money. I don't mind the time part because I really enjoy it, but the money part has become difficult. Server space for a site of this size is pretty expensive and it's becoming increasing difficult to manage this on my own. I was advised by a fellow fan to put up a donation button and if you are interested in contributing to the upkeep of this site I would greatly appreciate it. No amount is too little, like I said I don't mind the time I spend  - even if it's hard with a full time job - but the financial aspect is the actual hardship I am faced with. I can't wait to add more to the site when the series returns next year, so if you're able I appreciate any contribution you are willing to give. The site isn't going anywhere at this time, but unfortunately I can't say that it will be here when the series returns without some much needed assistance. Thank you for your time.

If you are able to contribute, please click the link below 

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