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During FanExpo 2012 in Toronto, Ontario my friend Kristin Fullerton was taking professional photographs of Gillian and other special guests at the event. She's selling these photos on her website Fan Expo Canada - The Whole Kit and Kaboodle for a very reasonable price with proceeds supporting Gillian's charities SA-YES and Neurofibromatosis Network. If you would like beautiful HIGH QUALITY photos of Gillian and others from this event such as William B Davis, John Barroman, Julie Benz, John Bernthal, Nelson Ellis, Juliet Landau, Stan Lee, James Marsters, Christopher Lloyd, Tom Noonan, Norman Reedus, Chris Sarandon, Tony Todd, Alan Tudyk and Amanda Tapping as well supporting some great charities please visit her site. Thank you!
January 1, 2013


I'm nearly done with the caps from the eighth season. Invocation, Redrum and Via Negativa are now up and the others should be up shortly
April 29, 2012


Caps from Patience are now up. The rest of the eighth and ninth season will be capped as quickly as I can. Thank you for your patience during the site transfer.
April 1, 2012

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The site has been undergoing some changes, mostly a new site for just David & Gillian projects which will only focus on their projects outside of XF. Please stay tuned for updates to both sites. Thank you
April 3, 2011

Our Town

All caps from the first seven seasons of The X Files are now up. Also the first four episodes of the fourth season of Californication are on the site as well.

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